Image Styles Not working


Do the image styles particularly, img-rounded and img-thumbnail work? I’m having issues using the predefined styles, but even on the demo those styles don’t work for me.


These styles are not visible in editor. You can apply them, but you don’t see the change until you publish and close editing.


On my test site, the user styles aren’t showing up. I copied them from the demo site. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Please share your website URL or CSS / HTML files so we can find the issue.




You need to do two things in order to have rounded corners inside sc-content editable zones.

First, define img-thumbnail as the Sitecake user style by adding this line in a style sheet

.sc-content .img-thumbnail {}

This will tell Sitecake that there is a user style called img-thumbnail please don’t remove it, users might need it. This style will appear in a style dropdown on a toolbar when user starts editing an image.

Second, don’t forget to put sc-content class on every div parent of an image

<div class="col-md-4 sc-content">
<img class="img-fluid img-thumbnail" src=""...>