Image cant be edited (when SC is used together with OWL Carousel)


hi there.

i got a problem with sitecake when i want to edit an image on a website where i also use the famous owl carousel slider (

the image can only be deleted, not edited/cropped/exchanged?

i just do want to edit the two images pretty much half way down the page (logos and car-navigation).
i presume SC uses an identical javascript tag as the slider does? anyone had that issue before together with a slider?

thanks and greetings


Hi Martin,

you have solution to disable owl while in edit mode. Check this link in our docs to see how you could do it.


hi predragleka.

cheers. of course i tried this before without a result! sorry should have mentioned this in my first post. ;-(

and it was only my guess, that SC correlides with owl. maybe its something different.:wink:

anyways, i retried it again and it still doesnt work with disabled scripts (i even disabled ALL of them!). maybe i should have described the problem clearer:
on the website mentioned above i can add images, H1-H6 etc. without any problems into the mainslider. but as soon as the first ‘normal’ static headline starts (“GPS Fahrzeugortung & Flottenmanagement”) i can edit the text, but cant ADD new stuff!?? this continues till the bottom of the page. ;-(
aas soon as i try to drag e.g. the H2 icon the page scrolls up in the background and i can not add a H6 to “GPS Fahrzeugortung & Flottenmanagement” (or anywhere else on this whole page besides into the main slider area…

any idea would be greatly appreciated!


sorry, meant “i can not add a H2 to”


any idea?


If I understood you correctly, this is because height: 100% on your html and body tag. With height 100% problem is with content scrolling. Try to remove it and you should be able to add new stuff.


well, that might be right (it actually IS. just tested it, thanks for the hint!).
but then my site doesnt work as expected anymore and looks completely destroyed… ;-(

is there like a code snippet which masks height=100% if SC admin is used?



nevermind. solved it!
in case anyone else wonders: use height:100vh; instead of height:100%;.

thanks and greetings!

Page scrolls instead of adding image

Glad you solved it and thanks for sharing