Ignoring pages on page manager


I only want 2 pages of a site being editable by sitecake. So, how can I tell sc to ignore all the other html pages? Is the only way to put them in a subdirectory and .scignore this then?


You can tell Sitecake to ignore files or folders. Please take a look at this doc


Yes, thanks, Nik, I read it and now it works. My fault was to scignore even the index.html because I only wanted to land on a single editable page. This was also the reason I was stuck with 2.4.7 until today: In 2.4.10 I got the white screen on Login. Now with index.html enabled all is going fine so far. Only that I liked to open one of my editable pages directly at login. Is this possible?


Sure. If you want to open a certain page just use ?scpage=article.html as a parameter. For example:


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