If you need your website adapted for Sitecake click here!



we are forming a network of front end developers who can adapt a website for Sitecake. It’s easy thing to do, but not trivial and it takes time, if there are many pages.

So if you have a website and want it adapted for Sitecake reply here.
Pricing is simple $50 start + $10 per page.

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Hello Nik -

Paying that much to integrate sitecake into an existing website is a complete contradiction of this site’s main page.

Sitecake works with regular HTML pages or PHP pages. Just add ‘sc-content’ CSS class to divs you want to make editable.

How to Install

  1. First, add sc-content class to divs you want editable
  2. Second, upload Sitecake to the same folder as your website
  3. Third, point browser to http://domain.com/sitecake.php and login with ‘admin’ pass to start editing

I paid for the white lable version, and have been screwing around with sitecake for at least two months, and still haven’t got one complete website to work.

I am somewhat disappointed that you, as part of the sitecake team are charging people to make sitecake work, rather than fulfilling your role as a sitecake team member and fix sitecake so it functions as promised.

Conversely, change the promise on your main page to something much closer to the truth. For starters, calling the $99.00 fee a down payment, and explain how for an additional $50 start + $10 per page, you can hire a team member to make it work.

I have no beef with you or with sitecake, but promising such an easy peasy program, then charge people to fix your bugs is unconscionable.


This is great! I’d like to join the network, My rates are $25 start and only $5/page. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just joking…please don’t e-mail me to do work.

…but seriously, I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I’m sure the people behind SiteCake are looking for additional revenue. If this is another way for them to make more money to keep SiteCake going, provide updates, improvements, new features, etc., I’m all for it.


I’m not sure they are charging for bug fixes as much as they’re offering to do the work to integrate it for you.You pay them instead of doing the work yourself.

However, the more sites they adapt, I’m sure they’ll uncover more and more bugs that will need to be patched. That will only help the rest of us.

Personally, I haven’t had any issues with SiteCake but I’ve only done 2 one-page sites with it (I’m primarily a WordPress guy). I really like the tool and I’m looking forward to SiteCake v3. I’m a little disappointed that the pace of development has slowed…or that’s my impression. Maybe I’m wrong.

Therefore, anything they can do to push things along at a great pace, to me, is completely welcomed.



Thanks for the alternate viewpoint, as well as sharing your support for the Sitecake project. I’m a big fan myself, and do my best to fix things on my own. In fact, I found this post while searching the forum for information.

Whenever I have encountered problems, Predag checked things out, and fixed them, which I suppose he will use in the next release. When my free trial was about to run out, I decided to continue, as while Sitecake has its issues, I trust him to continue to make it better.

As an end user, knowing nothing about javascript, all I can really add to the project is to provide as much information as I can when I hit a snag. Hopefully this reduces the number of troubleshooting steps for the team. I had figured I would be finished converting the sites I wanted to transfer by now, but I’m close to finishing the largest, and oddly enough, the simplest one.

Wordpress is the work of the devil :imp: Most of my clients are as tech unsavvy as they come. They want simple sites that are easy to maintain, without investing a lot of time and money to learn a new process. In this regard, Sitecake :innocent: is the opposite. The end user just has to know how to login, drag over a page section, start typing, and not forget to click Publish.

So long story short, while SC may not be in perfect shape, the support has been great, and I think that some of the issues I’ve encountered have helped at least a little in making it better. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing for people to charge to integrate into sites that are crazy complicated or poorly coded. But in general, I think fixing Sitecake itself when issues arise instead of tweaking individual websites better serves all of us, as well as moving Sitecake.

I’d like to continue this discussion somewhere ore appropriate, but don’t see a forum section for it. Maybe in feedback?



I’m glad to hear your experiences with SiteCake support has been so positive. That makes me want them to succeed that much more.

Wordpress is the work of the devil? LOL…yes, maybe.


Let me clearify this post title…

Sitecake works out of the box with flat HTML websites that have content tags as immediate children of div.sc-content.

So, this is easy to use with Sitecake:


And this one is not because it has nested divs

 <div class="mainheading"><h1></h1></div>

When people who have a lot of nested divs and bad HTML code ask us to convert their websites for Sitecake we engage outside frontend developers who fix their code, fix CSS rules and apply Sitecake to it. Core team really do not work on these conversions.