I discovered a bug in the page manager using sc-nav


When duplicating a template page via the page manager (a logical way of creating a new page from within the sitecake interface), sitecake overwrites the HTML in any menu with the sc-nav class. This breaks my menu as I use bootstrap dropdowns for submenus, and sitecake just overwrites all of that, erasing any classes on li elements as well as any submenus.

I am working around this by setting the php file which contains my menu to be read-only on my site. This allows the creation of new pages via the page manager, but with the drawback that newly created pages CANNOT be deleted from within the page manager. The Publish button just keeps spinning and nothing happens.

PLEASE STOP SITECAKE FROM REFORMATTING THE SC-NAV MENU. When I removed the sc-nav class from my menu, obviously this no longer happened, but then only pages in the root folder were displayed in the page manager, and not pages within subdirectories.


edit: I just removed the sc-nav class from my menu and then cleared my cache. I can now se all pages in the page manager and so for now this works fine. But the documentation on using sc-nav and the page manager is sorely lacking. It took me a while to realize that sitecake was rewriting my HTML and breaking my menu on its own.


Still, without the sc-nav class I cannot delete pages from within page manager.


Check out this answer from forum. It explains how to use .scpages file that is introduced with page manager. It still isn’t covered in documentation, but here you can get pretty good overview of how it should be used.