HTTP ERROR 500 on first time use

Hi, I read similar post but the answers there could not resolve this HTTP ERROR 500 for me. can someone please help me.

Running Apache 2.4 on Amazon EC2 Linux Instance
PHP 7.0
sitecake 2.4.8

PHP Info here:

I did not get sitecake\2.4.8\config\check.php file with the downloaded installation file


from 2.4.8 version it’s called requirements.php, so you can check it on
GD extension is missing.

Hi Predrag

Thanks for a quick response. I have plugged the missing GD extension and got ‘All Okay’ from the basic server check. ‘Basic server configuration needed for Sitecake to run is OK’.

Yet the HTTP 500 ERROR persist. Am I missing out on something else?



can send FTP details via PM so I can check it out?

I couldn’t figure out the way to PM here on this forum. Can I send you the ftp details via skype?

My Skype ID: bhanushalijigar

bhanushalijigar, any luck. I have the same problem. Did you get it fix?

@Tom_nola10 Did you check all requirements? If you are sure requirements are met, please please send log file on PM so I can check it out.