Html: <small> and <hr> - a small additions do the editor


Hello. I noticed a certain lack in the program. The point is that it is not possible to add the <hr> (horizontal rule) tag. I know it can be done with code, but wouldn’t it be better to be able to use drop-button in the editor for this, same as with <h1> etc? I guess it better be easier?

I also noticed that it was not possible to use the <small> tag in the text. You can use <strong> and <em>, but not <small>. This is useful and should be available. I don’t even mention the rest of the formatted elements in the text (!).

I don’t mean any big editor changes. These are the basic HTML5 tags that help make code (text) readable even without CSS and should be easily accessible in my opinion.

I noticed that someone had mentioned this before when discussing custom buttons in the editor. But as I can see, the idea was never implemented. I look at it all from the level of the page editor and and think it makes sense to make editing easier. What do you think?


It’s not a lack, it’s like that by design :slight_smile:

Obviously there is not enough space on Sitecake toolbar to add a user interface for all HTML tags. So we had to make a choice: which tags should be represented on the toolbar? You are asking for <hl> and <small> but other users are asking for other tags they find essential. We decided to be simple and go only with <strong> and <em>. Users can style them with CSS at any time.

Moreover, you can always make a variation of <p> or <h1> tag with the CSS border-bottom property to add a line below. Sitecake user styles are pretty powerful if you want to allow an editor to design the content.

I am sorry that we don’t support the tags you need but we really want to keep Sitecake as simple as possible for other users that do not require these tags.

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Thank you for your answer.

I like your idea of editing the content of the website and hope that it will meet expectations and everything will work flawlessly. :+1::+1:

Okay, I understand your point. I don’t mind the lack of these functions. Of course, it is possible to do a lot with CSS and just type in the code you need. Rather, I was thinking about the future user for whom simplicity is most important. I know html well enough, I also can search for what I need and then apply it. But ordinary user have neither the time nor the inclination to do so. On the other hand, I have never researched what people need in a CMS, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. :laughing: I leave it to your thoughts.