.html or .php required?

Hi, just came across Sitecake by way of asking a question of ChatGPT for a flat file CMS that 1)I don’t have to be a coder to use, and 2) doesn’t require PHP so I can host the site directly in a Google Cloud Storage bucket, as those buckets can only serve html files from what I understand.

I’m not quite clear on if Sitecake meets that requirement as I read conflicting (to me) statements in the docs:

“Sitecake can manage both HTML and PHP websites”

Sitecake is php CMS. Also it’s a flat file CMS so you do not need a database. All you need is:
web server (Apache or NGINX)
PHP 5.6+”

So do I need a web server with PHP, or is it just html?

Sitecake is PHP software that you can use to edit your HTML website.

So you need PHP server if you want to edit website online. On the other hand you can edit your website in the local, install XAMPP or something similar and edit on your laptop. Then upload website to Google Cloud storage.