How would I add html table?

How would I add a HTML table? I can’t seem to do it with the normal class way.

How can you edit HTML table with Sitecake?

No way at this moment. Sorry.

You can just put table in your page, Sitecake will not delete it, but you will not be able to edit it.

That’s what I’m trying to do the be able to edit it with sitecake. Is there no way at all to make this editable?

We need to make plugin for tables. It’s not on our road map right now, but we will put it on and if more people want it, we will do it.

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Try this one…CSS Table formatting


Has anything changed since your post? I have to create website where only element that has to be editable is a table and sitecake would be perfect if it could do it.

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Still no support for tables. We will add tables, but it’s not in next few points on the road map.

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any update on adding a table, I really need to add a table that we can edit!

We are not there yet. Priorities changed and this will come after v3 release with plugin system and open architecture.

@gagen, use this table item as a SC html editable element wouldn’t work for you I guess? It will not be nice solution for client, but at least you would be able to change website content without editing physical files and uploading to server?


Thank you Guys. I look forward in seeing one when it arrives. Looking forward to any new releasees. @rdeshain Thank you, are you meaning the table item further up in this thread?

@gagen, you mentioned before you need edit nothing just table element. As a partial workaround could be used this ‘custom html’ feature - last but one button on toolbar. But this could work only for you or team as a way how to make quick edits, not for regular clients.