How to use Sitecake with PHP pages?


I’m looking for a CMS where I’m able to edit static content i the page, without loosing the PHP (dynamic) functionality,.

For other projects I have been using e.g. Wordpress. But for this particular project I do not want all the DB-calls involved, just the ones that I specify in the few PHP files which need to be published.

So if a PHP file is published, and viewed on the site. Will any given PHP file be run dynamically each time, or will it be converted into a static file?

I need the PHP files to be dynamically run all the times.
Is this possible?
I also need to write the PHP code on my own computer, and then implement that code into the php files in Sitecake. I do not understand how the static text versus the dynamic PHP code, as well as title, menu, styling etc. are combined.

I need to understand more on how this works, before I decide if to buy Sitecake or not.
So where can I learn more about these topics?


Hi, you can check out docs section on our website here.
You can find specifics regarding PHP sites here.
If you need any help regarding specific situation you can ask here on forum, or post a ticket