How to have a website + emails without recurring hosting fees

There is a way to have a website online with no recurring fees like hosting or a website builder subscription. Here is the recipe:

  • First buy a domain, with Dynadot or Godaddy for $10
  • Find a free website template or buy one on a Themeforest
  • Drag and drop HTML website template to Netlify Drop and it’s already online
  • Pick a free Netlify plan and point your domain to your website
  • Open a free ImprovMX account and create mail forwarders like [email protected] to your Gmail account
  • Setup Gmail so it can send mails from your new domain
  • Buy a regular version of Sitecake for website editing :slight_smile: $99
  • Install XAMPP or a similar package to be able to run Sitecake on your local machine
  • Edit your website locally and drag and drop new versions through Netlify Drop

So you can have business emails, lightning fast static site that is easy to edit, and everything for a one-time fee.

If you are interested I can create a detailed video walkthrough for this procedure :wink:

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