How easy is it to integrate a 100+ page site with Sitecake?


Hi folks,

Found Sitecake while looking around for a solution for a friend. He has a 100+ page static site (pure html with images - no php, no database) and wants to change some text and pictures but does not know how to edit html. The directory structure has 3 layers and in the same vein the site has menus and submenus.

My question is: how time consuming would it be to integrate Sitecake into the site so that every page is editable with Sitecake?

I understand the menus and submenus on each page would have to be given a special class so that changing them once would affect all instances. Also, editable content would presumably have to be assigned the sitecake class. ( there isn’t there a way to make everything editable on all pages by default, is there?)


Sitecake can not manage menu with three levels. Only one level can be managed at the moment. But if you do not need to add new menu items then it can work.

Yes, you need to assign sc-content class to each part of the page you want editable. No automatic solution here.
Also, you need to assign sc-content-footer, or sc-content-sidecolumn for repeatable zones. In that way footers, side columns can be edited only once and Sitecake propagates the changes throught the website.

How easy is to do this? It depends on HTML code. If the code is plain, with little of no div nesting – it’s easy. If the code is complex, you will need to change HTML structure.