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Hi I Just Purchased Site Cake a Few Days ago and me and a friend have been playing around with it and we converted a website we built a year ago to work with site cake so we decided we would Release the Template in the Hopes of encouraging people into Developing and releasing more themes for site cake, we Are Also Building a Boot Strap Template From Scratch that we plan on releasing and were also going to work on releasing some more information on con.

We were able to Convert this template in about an hour after figuring out our mistakes the first time around, we are also Going to Work on Improving and Fixing the Bugs our template has in the site cake editor.
We have a demo:

I Guess you Could say the Template is Responsive, It Does in Fact work and Display properly on mobile

Download Template:!OoxmBagK!xrcxw1yTqsYOEgbC6DtR4EYzhd5L9-tN3fkvRJtBvs0

I Dont Really have a name for it we just called it square 1 because it was the first template we made for site cake by converting an old site we built.

The Images Used in the Demo Can Be Swapped Out by changing them in the images folder just make sure to use images of the same resolution

Known Bugs
Navigation Not working properly inside of the editor randomly
when using the Site Cake Editor when using the navigation bar to change pages you may notice that clicking them has no affect until you click it a few times, were not sure why this doesn’t happen on the static site and only in the editor but if you click the lower parts of the link buttons or hover over the navagation link and pres enter it works,

Sitecake is Jumbling the Sections on the home page after the very first edit.
We know about this one Too, But if you just edit the text and press enter to add a line it will fix the display issue, make sure you publish your changes.


Thanks for your effort! It would be great indeed to have more Sitecake templates.

Regarding the issue with navigation clicking, lasso select in Sitecake takes over all clicks on in Sitecake. Only anchor links inside the work. We fixed this for next release so that any link outside of sc-content zones in edit mode will be clickable.

I am not sure what did you mean by jumbling sections, …

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Oh i Wasnt Asking For Support.

But i Can Confirm that the New Version of Sitecake fixes the navigation bar problem

I was just Releasing a template because there are no other templates.


Im Also Going to Be Releasing a bootstrap Template on Behalf of my Developer