Floating images


any idea of how i can add the ability for my client to have an image float left? **i don’t want all images to float left - just the ones they want to setup as a small image floating left with text to the right of it.

i created just a main div:

but is this wrong if they want a basic setup of having a small image, text to the right of that image and then start a new row with the same setup?

I have this in my css:
.sc-content img.img-left
float: left;

but not sure how they add that class to the image once they upload it…am i missing something?

thanks for any help!


Just let users click the image and select img-left class from the style dropdown on the toobar. Dropdown will appear for all selected elements that have optional classes defined.

Check our demo for this, select the office image and pick a style from the toolbar.