Error path image on subfolder

Hello everyone, recently we bought this cms to improve our blog.

But, we have a problem after this:

  1. we create a new page ej:
  2. we procced to upload images, everything is going great.
  3. after logout from cms and trying to edit that post, the links of img are broken.
    3.1) the other escenario is that, if we change in the config the relative paths, after we re-edit the post, the url concatenates another fragmet on url:

Ej: /test/images/captura-de-pantalla-2020-10-03-a-la-s-13-10-43-sc5f8661fd2ed35-325.png 325w
After we edit and update the post is: /test//test/images/captura-de-pantalla-2020-10-03-a-la-s-13-10-43-sc5f8661fd2ed35-325.png 325w

Can i get some help please, this is driving me insane XDD


If you want to use page manager with subfolders you need to crate .scpages file and list subfolders in it.

For example, for we have .scpages file in the website root with three folders listed:


Hello, thanks for your reply.

we are using .scpages (in out case is only post/ ) to list subpages, that’s working fine when we want to switch between sections, but our problem is that, editing posts causes relative images bug, for example:

  1. we create a post,on /post/did-you-know/index.php and we place few images.
  2. after we close sitecake, and edit that post and we save it, the cms concatenates another string. like for example: /blog/post/images/yourimage.png on the editing phase the cms save images like /blog//blog/post/images/yourimage.png.

that is our main problem. maybe we need to add a extra config to config.php file (we tried already), or maybe another file?

Thanks in advance!

Can you, please, create a ticket and send us a video of what are you exactly doing. We will check it out.

Sure thing, ill be in touch, thanks!