Error 500 after first password popup


Trying to roll out whitelabel on a existing customer site and I was attempting to test when I got error 500 after the password promp the first time and now I can’t get anything but the error 500 no matter what I try.

Tried - /sitecake/2.4.8/config/requirements.php and get the ok message. I don’t have anything else other than a contact form running in php and no other CMS scripts. Page is coded on bootstrap4 and I pretty straight forward code.

What do I need to do in order to get this working properly?
Reloaded that file onto the customer server and I’m getting the same error. I didn’t even get the first login poppup this time and it just went straight to error 500.

Test site -


I see there is another application on the server. There is Paragon Login section… Maybe they crash together.
What kind of app is that?


That’s just a redirect link to their internal login system. Its not on the server



can you send sitecake.log file. You should find it within sitecake-temp file in your site root. Send it in PM please because it can contain sensitive info like file paths on your server.
Also, try to upgrade to latest version (2.4.10).