Editor bar disappears when going from one page to another. Auto-editing-mode link required


Hi, editing homepage is easy for e.g. yourdomain.com/sitecake.php BUT when I click and go to “contact.php” page for editing, the editor disappears. Changing URL manually to yourdomain.com/sitecake.php?scpage=contact.php works fine. Is there any option to set this things in auto mode instead of changing url manually.

  • Using sitecake version 2.4.7
  • .htaccess is blank
  • All php pages are in root
  • Using class=“sc-nav” in navigation bar
  • SSL/https is enabled on domain

Page template -

<?php include header.php ?>
<div class sc-content>
 ---- editable content ---
<?php include footer.php ?>

Site navigation links/menu are in header.php. No sc-content class is used in header.php/footer.php

Please suggest.