Editing text-Noob Question

After deleting some old joomla files, I was able to login. I went to a page to edit but I quickly discovered that I don’t know how to edit existing text. If this has been covered previously forgive me. Dragging one of the menu items will create new text(which hopefully will be subject to the css), but if you wanted to add to existing text, I’m not sure how that can be done. Thanks in advance.

I just tried to drop something, anything into an existing page- NOTHING. Is there still not enough space to work?

Just wrap existing text with <div class="sc-content"></div>

You need to have sc-content classes set for editable zones. Please go through the integration docs:

Yes, I have done so, but I still cannot edit that text, the box turns red.

In order to help you we need to see the code. Please open the ticket and send us your website link and Sitecake password.

http://joselezcano.com/ pw is the default

  1. put content in <p></p> tags
  2. add sc-content class on parent div, eg. <div class="sc-content"></div>

So each block of text needs to be in paragraph AND content tags? or each individual line of text?

Just as an experiment, I tried putting the title in its own content div and the dates in another. I was unable to make any textural changes. Do I need to delete more files from the server to free up space?

Each block of text should be in h1, …h6, p, or some other tag. It’s how HTML works.

Please download and take a look at the demo template

Please read ‘Website Integration’ part of our docs

And always make sure the page is valid

I used a css div called text which had the color, size, and font. Why do I not see a p option on the sitecake nav bar?

p option is fifth from the left.

Please read Using Sitecake section in our docs

Working with text is here

UPDATE: I added h1 and h3 and p parameters to the css in the page and suddenly h3 shows up on the menu, but P is still not showing up. Here is a partial screen capture. Am I missing something?