Editing a simple PHP site with gallery


Hello, New to Sitecake…
I want to do a sample responsive website with html/css/js with just a php form… but the pages have extension .php
I also want to create a small gallery in which the user can add some photos.
Kindly tell me if I can add Sitecake for CMS functionality here.
Thanks a lot in advance…
Best wishes.


Good friend, can yes, but only in the rev 1.xx you will manage to get this result, see 2.2.x does not work with gallery opening modal images. Remember that in sitecake see 1.xx you have to put your .html files to .php if the pages are in php, just add the cake. Good luck.


In v2 you can can drag and drop several images to create a gallery wall like this one

Also, you can have php page with contact form, just don’t edit it with Sitecake. All other pages can be html and editable with Sitecake.


You can try how this gallery works on demo page


Thanks a lot for your replies, @cosme & @Nik
Will definitely check it out (ver 1.xx also)
Thanks again for the wonderful product.


Do not I create a gallery. As on your picture. Please see my video. Sorry for my bad English.


Try dragging and dropping images from the desktop. Then it will work.


It works thanks.

I want to create another one question. If I download one picture I want to click on it and get the big picture. Possible?


It is, but with a twist.

Create an empty, unlinked page, upload original sized photos on it. Publish.
Open the page you want your images on, upload photo thumbnails, open in another browser tab page with originals and get URL of of the original images, add link on a thumbnail that point to original sized photo.

This is workaround. Of course :slight_smile:


It is not comfortable :frowning:


I highly doubt an end-user would be able to do that kind of feat.

Will this be easier in upcoming releases, or should I take a look in the source myself?


Yes and yes.

It will be easier once we release gallery/slideshow plugin. And yes, if you have time you can contribute, write some js that will do the trick.


I likes the video.

Thanks for sharing the details, I will definitely give a try.


There is website called http://albumizr.com/ It can be used for adding slideshows to Sitecake. Just upload your images on Albumizr and embed it as an iframe through Sitecake raw HTML module.

It’s not native slideshow, I know. But it will work for somebody.