Edit pages in subfolders not working

I also want to edit pages in subfolder /en/. I put a file .scpages in the root with the entry en/
It is now possible to edit the index.php of the subfolder after logging in. If I navigate from there to other pages of the subfolder to edit them I get 404 error.
sitecake 2.4.10, https://ivf-dresden.de
What is wrong, what can I change?


Have you been able to edit pages in subfolder already and now they stopped working?

If you are updating main nav manually, without page manager, issues can happen. For example, in case you have one nav structure on some pages and other nav structure on other pages, page manager does not know which one is the right one.

You should update Siteacke to 2.5.0 version to make sure PHP 8 is supported.

In order to give you more specific answer I need FTP access to your website. Please create a ticket.