Cropping images does not work

I am trialling Sitecake (2.3.6) to see if it will be suitable for customers. I have got the text working fine after help from Predrag (nothing wrong with the app but poor documentation), but I am having trouble with images now. There are two problems:

  1. When trying to crop an image, it does not work as shown on the documentation video. Dragging out the crop alters the aspect ratio and does not crop the right hand side. This happens in both Safari and Firefox.

  2. After editing images (and possibly text too, I haven’t tried it), if you decide to abandon it and want to go back to the original page, it is not possible. Sitecake caches the changes you made, and even if you open up a new login on a different browser at a different time, you still see the edits you made, not the original un-edited page. I can see this would be a very serious drawback for a customer. Although you can press the back button, if a customer exits the browser and comes back to it at a later time, the undo history is lost. I cannot see how to get out of this loop. The browser refresh button does not in fact refresh the page, you still see the edits. Can you suggest how the page can be refreshed back to how it is on the web site server?

as for the second thing you wrote, it is normal Sitecake behavior. As soon as something is changed sitecake saves those changes. You can undo changes with undo button from toolbar. Until you click publish, changes are visible only in edit mode. If you want to undo all the changes between two publish, you can delete sitecake-temp directory from ftp and new draft will be created from last published files. You can also change file manually and upload it via ftp and it will overwrite current draft with newly uploaded content.

Hope this helps

First issue is usually caused by poorly written CSS of the website/template. If CSS has * something rules sometimes they catch Sitecake cropping tool and enlarge, skew or change in a different way the image.

Suggestion is to try to disable CSS on the website and then crop. If cropping works fine without CSS then try hunt the rule that is skewing the cropping tool.

Draft page edits are feature not a bug. We introduced draft page edits for people who are editing long pages and have to stop editing but don’t want to loose work already done.

Regrading the picture crop problem:
Here is the code:

and the CSS:

#sidePic {
width: 23.7288%;
clear: none;
margin-left: 8.695%;
margin-top: 76px;
padding-left: 0px;

You say disable the CSS, but then the image will not be in the right place or the right width. It seems like quite standard CSS to me.

Regarding the draft edits problem:

I used to use Pagelime but they stopped supporting it for new browsers so I am hoping to switch my customers to Sitecake. In Pagelime, you could save your edits if you wanted to, or if you wanted to start again you could click the refresh button. Sitecake does not give you the option, it automatically saves your edits. That would be fine except I can see no way to load the page as it is on the server and start again.

I see that the code I pasted has been removed, so here it is again with quotes around



No, that did not work either, lets try with it commented out:


I give up! How can I show you the code?

Here is an uploaded jpeg of the code and of the only * code I have:

By the way, I deleted the only * code on the site as shown above and it made no difference. I have uploaded a video to Pedrag showing the problem. The site is built using Bootstrap and everything has been properly implemented.

Send us a link to the website if it’s available and Sitecake pass (in private message) so we can check it out. I really can’t tell much from CSS for printing the website.

BTW if you want to paste the code, use </> icon in the message edit window on this forum.


Thank you Nik, I have just sent you a PM.

I checked your website. This rule is causing the problem

img, object, embed, video {
    max-width: 100%; 

Make it more selective and target only images you need. It breaks Sitecake cropping tool. We will try to make our CSS more isolated and but only in next release.

Having followed the instructions in your private message, I have been able to get the image editing working as expected. Thank you.

Although I have had some problems getting everything to work as expected, I have been very impressed by the prompt support.

If I could make a suggestion to improve the user’s (as opposed to the web master’s) experience, it would be to improve draft editing. At the moment, if a user clicks the browser refresh button, all undo history is lost and it is impossible to start with a fresh page, other than contact the webmaster who will have to delete the sitecake-temp file contents.

Thanks again for the prompt support.

Thanks! Support is here 24/7.

Sleep, eat, support!

We are really listening what people are saying and then prioritize fixing the issues that are frequently reported. What else. :slight_smile:

Regarding your suggestion we might try to save undo moves in browser local storage, so that it’s not lost after the refresh. Or display warning message that undo history will be lost when somebody hit refresh. Right now, if user refresh page, he can always manually rearange items back, delete the changes, it’s not super hard, because it’s Sitecake, it’s easy to edit!

use paint tool for cropping

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