Creating email link while in dutch language seems to fail (only translation error, to be fixed)


Since version 2.4.4 I’ve run into a problem. I can not create email links, only weblinks. The blue dropdown menu where I’d be able to select what type of link I want is stuck and doesn’t drop down.


Hi hitcom,

for few latest releases it’s not dropdown any more. It’s simple button. You just need to click it and it will switch to Email link.


Hi Predragleka,

Thanks for the quick answer. I have clicked on it (on both Firefox and Chrome) but it does not switch. It stays on Weblink.


Strange. It’s working for me. Also checked it on demo and it works. Do you get any JS errors in console?


I think I know what the problem is. My language is dutch and maybe the translation for “email link” is wrongfully set to “web link”. So it’s a text error instead of a technical one. Can you check that?


Hi, you’re right. It will be fixed in next release