Changes show up in Sitecake, but not in original HTML


I’m trying to get Sitecake working on a website. If i change pages in Sitecake and publish it, the changes won’t show up online.

However, when I close everything and reopen Sitecake, the changes are there. But if I check the html-files (online or via FTP) the changes won’t show.

I’m pretty confused, is there some place where Sitecake caches the changes. Because otherwise I can’t really explain why the changes are saved without changing the original HTML.


I would like to add that I have debug-mode on and do not receive any errors.


Hi, can you send url to your website and sitecake password as PM so I can check it out.



Sitecake saves changes in drafts. Drafts are copied over original files once you click Publish in the toolbar.
You can delete drafts by deleting sitecake-temp folder.

Check this for more info


Thank you both for the reply. I’ve send a PM with the requested data.


Facing the same issue. Kindly suggest. What’s the solution.
In my case, only index.html page is showing changes that are published. other pages are not showing up.


Just delete sitecake-temp/ folder


Problem solved. It was file permission issue.