Change text of publish button


How do I change the text on the publish button?

I would like to change the “Publish” text to my local language. I have looked in the Locale folder, but this text does not seem to be part of the translation file.


Hm, it should work. Look here is Italian translation


I might be missing some locale files then. I have version 2.4.10, and in the locale folder there is only one file called en.yml. and all that file contains is the following:

DIR_NOT_EXISTS: Directory %path% does not exist
DIR_NOT_CREATED: Could not create directory %path%
DIR_NOT_WRITABLE: Directory %path% is not writable
FILE_NOT_EXISTS: Not found path %path%
FILE_NOT_WRITABLE: Path %path% is not writable
PAGE_DIR_NOT_READABLE: Could not read the pages directory %path%
NO_PAGE_EXISTS: No page file (*.html) could be found in %path%
INDEX_PAGE_NOT_EXISTS: Could not find the index page (index.html) in %path%
PAGE_NOT_EXISTS: Could not load page file %path%
INVALID_SERVICE_REQUEST: Invalid service request %uri%

Am i missing some files or looking at the wrong location?


I’m currently looking at the same issue, hopefully we can get a file and do local translation.


It seems that the language files are missing from the latest download. How can we get hold of those language files?

In the locale folder I have only one file called en.yml


Client side translation are integrated with js files shipped with sitecake. Language should change when Locale.code var is changed in editor.cnf file.