Change Cover image?

I would like to change my “cover” image, the big image above (I don’t now the correct word for it ;), but I forget how to do? There is no cross like for editing the other images.

Could you help me? (I work with firefox 86.0.1. Linux Mint and sitecake-2.3.5)

Thanks a lot for your answer!

With Sitecake you can change only HTML images in img tags. If your cover image is CSS background then you can’t change it with Sitecake until you convert it to an HTML image (img tag)

Check this video for editing overlapping objects (title over cover image)

Dear Nik,
thank you very much for your answer. My problem is that I dont have an “invisible.html” while I go to the manager, I only see: “index.html / index.php / modals.html /sitecake-2.3.5.php”
(My image is not the “original” one from the theme, it has once been set up by a friend, but now I have to change it by my own and I am an absolute html-beginner :slight_smile:
so, what do to?

thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:

Please create a ticket and send me at least the link to your website so I can check it out.

Dear Nik, what do you mean with ticket, here you finde my site:,
i mean the picture with the people that I want to change.

Thank you very much for your answer!!!

Ticket is created for the exchange of possible ftp details or passwords