Blog Post Writing

Hi, I really love what I see about Sitecake already and I’d be experimenting soon.

I want create an html blog website and I’ll be publishing lots of articles in it. Is it possible to publish unlimited articles with Sitecake?

Please, I need your response.

Thank you.

Hi, it is possible to publish a lot of posts with Sitecake. Of course not unilimited number but hundreds, maybe thousand on the same website, before your server becomes too slow to hande multitude of articles.

Maybe you should better explane your use case so I can help you with more details.

Thank you for the reply NK, I really appreciate.

For My Usecase: I intend to create a blog website for content marketing. That’s why I wanted to know if I could integrate Sitecake. You know such usecase means a lot articles.

Okay. There are many Siteacke customers doing exactly that, making content marketing websites. Some of them you can find in the Featured section on our website.