Best setup for multi language site


Hi, what is the best setup for a site with multiple languages? I have read another thread but it is not clear to me.

The site is in Dutch, German and English, placed in the root, a /de/ and /en/ directory. The default language is Dutch.
Should I place the entire site along with sitecake in the root, /de/ and /en/ directories? And will it be possible this way to switch between languages while editing?
Or is there an other (better) way?

NB: if have the white label version of Sitecake.

Looking forward to your reply
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Hi. You should put everything in root and add de/ and en/ to .scpages to be able to get those pages in page manager.


Hi Predagleka
Do I understand you correct that I should place Sitecake in the root together with the default language Dutch. And the German in /de directoryand the English language in /en directory ?

And where is documentation on .scpages. I am not sure how to use that.

Thank you


Hello Predagleka

I now have Dutch pages and Sitecake files in the root and the German in /de and English in /en directory.
Added the .scpages file and included the files in /de en /en . They are visible in Page Manager under HTML pages.

On the site I can switch between Dutch, German en English pages and edit the content. So that works.

But is there a way to manage the German and English menu ? I only see the Dutch in the Menu items in Page Manager.

Looking forward to your reply.



I maybe misunderstood you. Currently there is only possibility to manage one menu, so You cant manage menus in en and de dirs. To be able to that you would need to install sitecake per each of directories. So you should put sitecake dir in root, en/ end de/ dirs and create .scignore file in root dir and add en/ and de/ to it to exclude them in root site. You will have to login to each sitecake separately.


Oké, thank you. I will follow that instruction.

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Hi Predagleka

I have placed sitecake in both the directories /en and /de. And added .scignore.
But when I log in the styling has completely disappeared. The stylesheets aren’t called with the correct path. When I close Sitecake the page is displayed correctly.

In the .html files in the /en and /de directories I use relative paths to the stylesheets in the root directory where the Dutch site is located. For example …/assets/css/bootstrap.css

Also tried I removing the .scignore file. But that does not help.

The images are loaded correctly altough these also use relative paths. Apparentally Sitecake handles paths in the head diffrently than in the body.

Is there a way around this?

Looking forward to your reply.



try to put full URL to assets that are outside of language dir (so instead of …/assets/css/bootstrap.css)