Ability to protect editor.cnf

I can’t count how many times I have “nearly bought” the white label version for myself. But, always change my mind because the editor.cnf is so easy to change. Anyone with a little knowledge can remove the branding and have their own version.

Now you are thinking: How do you know about the white label version if you do not own it:) I do a lot of work for a teacher friend so have seen the white label version in her projects.

So if there was some way to encrypt or protect the editor.cnf, you would have one of the finest white label editors available. Maybe modify so it is a PHP file? Something a like editor.php? No programming guru but there must be a way, right?

Thanks for listening.


Well, I guess SiteCake project is dead or my feature request is totally stupid, lol.

Best of luck with your project.