A selection of new Sitecakes


Here is a list for this week, a couple of small business websites plus one personal and one shop. I am glad to see new Sitecakes!



Thank you for sharing nik!
Due to crazy circumstances in my close environment (think corona), I haven’t been able to be actively testing Sitecake.

From the little testing I did, I was very happily surprised. What a nice way to build and maintain a static site! And yes, i can compare Sitecake to the more recent big guns of static site creation.

I’m used to coding everything by hand (statically, html), line by line, but Sitecake has taken my php hatred away! Now I can communicate again with friends for whom I’m building in a way they understand!
I managed to create some unique css using Sitecake. It’s an effort, but totally worth it!

All I can say is: anyone! give Sitecake a try!

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