504 Gataway Timeout



I cannot log to the admin. Everytime I write http://www.anywhereoutofthebook.com/sitecake.php in the http:// … in get the 504 Gateway timeout page.

Any idea of how I could sorty this out ?

Thank you


Please create a ticket.


Hi Nick,
Than you for your answer. This topic about 504 is not topical for me anymore, because I ended up deinstalling, reinstalling my sitecake website completely, but I have a new problem : when I want to update a page via the site cake admin, after clicking on “publish” I get the following message : #1 Une erreur s’est produite pendant la publication du contenu.
Internal Server Error

How can I fix that ? And How do I create a ticket about (in case I am supposed to)

Thank you




you can add a ticket here.

Also, please when posting a ticket, send sitecake-temp/logs/sitecake.log file or it’s content.