500 Error on Install


I just bought sitecake and getting a 500 error on navigating to sitecake.php
Here are the steps I took

  1. Edited index.html to add the sc-content class to a div
  2. Uploaded Sitecake the the public_html folder (both the Sitecake folder and Sitecake.php)
  3. Navigated to domain.com/sitecake.php
  4. Entered ‘admin’ in the password prompt
  5. Got 500 Error

Attempted to reproduce and now I get either a 500 or 504 error on domain.com/sitecake.php
The password prompt doesn’t show up.
I navigated to the configuration.php folder and get the “configuration needed for Sitecake to run is OK” message

I navigated to the logs file in sitecake-temp and see request logs but no errors


The apache log shows these
[Tue Feb 19 11:45:04.885353 2019] [:warn] [pid 15215] [client ***.87.157.170:48548] Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /home/{homefolder}/public_html/sitecake.php



can you send FTP details via PM so I can check it out?



problem was with other two cms you have installed on your website. Sitecake, by default, tries to handle all html/php files from site root dir recursively. Problem was occurring when it tries to handle php files from other cms you have installed. I added .scignore file to your site root dir to exclude those two cms and it works now. You can check out more regarding .scignore functionality in our docs.