404 After Admin Login

I keep getting a 404 error after submitting the login on my site. The page loads to show the login modal, but goes to a 404 page after submission.

It is a basic single page html site right now for testing and I checked /sitecake/2.4.10/config/requirements.php it shows: “Basic server configuration needed for Sitecake to run is OK”

The error log shows this:
[2019-09-24 03:52:32] app.INFO: Matched route “{route}”. {“route”:“GET_”,“route_parameters”:{"_controller":"[object] (Closure: {})",“route":"GET”},“request_uri”:“https://www.website.com/beta/sitecake/2.4.10/src/app.php/?action=login&credentials=d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997&service=session",“method”:“GET”} []
[2019-09-24 03:52:32] app.INFO: Matched route “{route}”. {“route”:"GET
”,“route_parameters”:{"_controller":"[object] (Closure: {})",“route":"GET”},“request_uri”:“https://www.website.com/beta/admin.php/",“method”:"GET”} []

I do see this when viewing the console in Chrome:
Manifest: Line: 1, column: 1, Unexpected token. site.webmanifest:1

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like it’s due some server configuration. Can you send logs via PM or ticket?