$40? Suggestions and desires to target me


Sitecake seems to be great for throwing $40 of your client’s money away so they can easily edit a few things, but it’s inconvenient when a website is supposed to be optimized for Google AMP or you have a heavily customized website and you only want to manage a few things.

There is no customization for Sitecake, so I am stuck with H1, H2, H3, UL, P, image, video, map, custom code, and uploaded/embedded files.

The most useful thing for me would be to completely eliminate those options, provide a View Code button which views the code within the DIV’s size, allow me to duplicate my custom DIVs, and essentially support more leveled code editing so I can have complex layouts.

Sitecake seems to be only for very basic site layouts, although it shouldn’t be asking for much more to support complex websites with these few changes/additions.

I don’t think there are any/any-good alternatives to how Sitecake functions. It’s awesome being able to drag two files in your directory, change your password, and know you’re done. I’d like to see if there are any alternatives that are more similar to what I’m talking about, otherwise it’s simply up to Sitecake to innovate.

Anyway, this is how to target me, and many others who would be more interested if it provided a quick alternative to a CMS for people who want simple integration and easy customization of their own repeated static elements.

Thanks for your time,