Bootstrap4.2.1 theme for Sitecake2.4.10. 'team.php'


New to Bootstrap4.2.1 theme for Sitecake2.4.10.
Now available in the package is a ‘team.php’ page that illustrates very well what can be done with this amazing CMS Sitecake!

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  • We emailed the link to download the complete theme.


Novidade do tema Bootstrap4.2.1 para Sitecake2.4.10.
Agora está disponível no pacote uma págia ‘team.php’ que ilustra muito bem o que pode ser feito com este incrivel CMS Sitecake!

Veja online:

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Você poderá ter o tema completo com CarouselBootstrap e Owlcarousel de duas maneiras:

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Very nice looking work!

I see no way to get the complete them at any link you have provided. Link to site is only demo of theme and can see nothing on your YouTube channel?



Thanks for the feedback.
I gave the link to download the files in the free version.
For a coffee or subscription to the channel, we have delivered the link to download the full version.

Follow the link for the free version:


That is my point. If I subscribe to your YouTube channel, how do you deliver the files? Also, where is the “buy coffee” link at? I see it no where on the links you have provided.


Hi, you’re absolutely right. As distribution or sale of themes is not our main activity, we are learning together, sorry.
Follow linik to donate a coffee if you wish:

We will receive the confirmation by email, and we will be able to send the link of the complete theme. Or notify us at [email protected]