An error has occured while trying to publish the content


Hi, I have a problem while publishing the page. I try to edit the page and whenever click publish button. It shows a yellow box with the “An error has occured while trying to publish the content” error.



this could be due file permissions. Folders within your site root dir should have 0755 and files 0644. If problem persist after changing file permissions, please send sitecake.log file in PM. You should find it within sitecake-temp dir.


Dear Predragleka,

Thanks for your respond. The permission of the site root dir and files are in order with 0755 and 0644 respectively.

Besides, i can’t see any log files sitecake-temp dir. Please refer to the images.


sitecake.log should be located in sitecake-temp/<random-dir>/logs/sitecake.log. Send it on PM please.


Dear Predrag, I have the exact problem. I have changed file permissions to 755 for dir and 644 for files, but the problems persists. Where can I send you the log file?
Thank you!


Send it through ticket or in PM